Top Tweets from TEDxWomen 2011

TED, the nonprofit behind the wildly popular and always insightful conferences hosted online and in person, has a special series dedicated specifically to women.

TEDxWomen took place on Thursday in New York and Los Angeles. This year’s event, divided into four areas, looked closely at how women come back from serious setbacks; the ties that bind women to their communities; women’s health during their later years; and how women and girls can make a difference in the world.

Click here for an overview from TED, and click through for the highlights and top tweets of the day from our guest writer, Lippe Taylor VP Sloane Berrent.

Highlights from TEDxWomen 2011 by Sloane Berrent, VP, digital, Lippe Taylor Brand Communications

As a TED junkie (I know I’m not alone) I have watched countless TED videos online and helped organize TEDxNOLA in 2010. But of all the TED videos I have seen, none moved me as much as videos from last year’s TEDxWomen. That was the event where Madeleine Albright famously said, “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women” and where Sheryl Sandberg gave a talk on “Why we have too few women leaders.”

This year was no different. Women (and some men) came together to explore four themes: Resilience, Relationships, Rebirth, and Re-Imagine. Each was curated by a host and included four to eight talks by activists, thought leaders, journalists, and filmmakers. With master of ceremonies and CEO of The Paley Center, Pat Mitchell, at the helm, we all knew we were in good hands.

TED started as a four-day conference in California 26 years ago and has grown to support world-changing ideas with multiple initiatives. TEDx are independently organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. Thursday was the second annual TEDxWomen hosted by The Paley Center. Live sessions took place in New York and Los Angeles and were streamed online so that other cities around the globe could host their own TEDxWomen and bring together women in local communities.

From journalist Lisa Ling to actress/advocate Jennifer Siebel Newsom and surprise guest Barbra Steisand, there was no shortage of inspirational women on stage and in the audience. As Jane Fonda was introducing Gloria Steinem, her voice caught for just a moment, as she reflected on the astounding career of her good friend. There was a small audible gasp from multiple women in the audience as this happened, the realization that we will always have someone we look up to, even as others will grow to look up to us.

In the 24-hour time period around TEDxWomen, over 2,056,002 total impressions were made with the hashtag #TEDxWomen, exploring the core themes and spoke about the future of women and girls, the challenges, the struggles, and the causes that are moving us to change society. Below are the most memorable and retweeted quotes from the day:

“Women can no longer be 1/2 the world’s population AND a special interest group.” – @gaylelemmon

“Education is incredibly cheap. It’s not a silver bullet, but a silver buckshot.” @NickKristof

“A psychological glass ceiling starts in girlhood.” @racheljsimmons

“If you’re feeling helpless, help someone” singer @Morley quoting Aung San Su Kyi

“Media is killing our daughters’ ambitions and destroying empathy in our sons.” @JenSiebelNewsom

“I’m here to talk about THE FACTS. Heart disease kills more women than all cancer combined.”@BarbraStreisand

“1 out of 2 women will be impacted by cardiovascular disease in her lifetime.” – Noel Merz

“Women are the future of the new Egypt; they will lead, and men will follow.” @Shahira_Amin

“The solution to being stuck is to being still.” @SuzanneBLevine