Top Facebook pages in Ireland


As the world celebrates St. Patrick’s Day, let’s take a look at the pages most-liked by Facebook users in Ireland.

According to PageData, Mediabistro’s database of Facebook page metrics, Irish Facebookers love Primark (known in Ireland as Pennys and unrelated to JC Penney), Rihanna and Eminem.

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#NameTotal Likes % of LikesDaily Growth
1    Penneys424,24779+173
2    Rihanna394,9020+202
3    Eminem370,6850+245
4    The Simpsons335,1440+235
5    Family Guy335,0601+45
6    Lidl Ireland333,69591+10
7    Amazon UK331,5387+97
8    The X Factor292,2394+102
9    YouTube288,5580+41
10    Katy Perry287,9500+243
11    Father Ted283,74128+17
12    The Script276,5525+615
13    Beyoncé259,0470+173
14    Lady Gaga253,8830+64
15    Lyons Tea253,21393+51
16    The Inbetweeners235,3905+34
17    Two and a Half Men234,4981+7
18    boohoo.com234,05512+275
19    Rubberbandits233,00083+17
20    Adam Sandler229,1510+171
21    Cheryl Cole229,0034+34
22    David Guetta227,9820+149
23    TheJournal.ie227,40384+43
24    Mr. Tayto226,81284+76
25    Coca-Cola223,4720+72

Top image courtesy of Shutterstock.