Top 5 Social Media-Inspired Videos From Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon has made a name for himself as one of the top celebrity tweeters and has talked a lot about Twitter, Facebook, the iPhone and social media on his show. When we saw a new video of Fallon’s show last night, in which he shared tweets based on a new #whydonttheymakethat hashtag in a new segment called “Late Night Hashtags” we were inspired to put together a list of some of the best social media-inspired Jimmy Fallon videos.

Late Night Hashtags

As mentioned above, Jimmy Fallon introduced a new segment on his show last night called “Late Night Hashtags.” Over the weekend, Fallon started his own hashtag to inspire people to come up with ideas about inventions that don’t exist, but should. Why don’t they make that?

Black Thought’s Favorite Dinosaurs

Earlier this month, Fallon asked his Twitter followers to tweet him ideas for a brand new song that would be performed on the show. The winning title was ‘Black Thought’s Favorite Dinosaurs.’ Check out the song’s late night premiere below.

iPhone Apps

Back in June, right after Apple’s new iPhone announcement, Fallon did a bit on his show in which he showed off some funny parody iPhone apps. The bit spans over two online video clips, which you can watch below.

Dana White Talks Twitter

Jimmy Fallon loves to talk about twitter and it was no exception when he had Dana White, President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), on his show. Dana White talked about the power of Twitter in his interview, saying that he once tweeted his location while in Canada and someone showed up within 36 seconds. Within minutes, he said hundreds of twitterers arrived on the scene.

Fallon Does Billy Ray Cyrus Making Fun of Miley For Quitting Twitter

Back in October of last year, Miley Cyrus quit twitter. There were rumors that Miley quit because her boyfriend told her to, and she created a rap video to dispel the rumors and saying she stopped tweeting because she wants her private life private.

Jimmy Fallon responded by making his own rap video, impersonating Billy Ray Cyrus making fun of Miley for quitting Twitter. He says he “ain’t no Twitter quitter” and asked everyone that used to follow Miley to follow him.