Top 5 Home Appliances We Hope Might Tweet In the Future

Forget the 2012 apocalypse — the next huge thing on our horizon might be an oven that tweets. For those of you who are already bored with the new Twitter for Mac desktop or the latest Twitter smartphone application, there’s good news: Regular old household appliances will probably have internet connections and microblogging capabilities in the not-so-far future. Here are five of the best candidates for standard appliances that could tweet.

1. Oven. Food is timeless, and Twitter is new. But what foodie doesn’t like the spread the gospel of his or her culinary accomplishments on Twitter? An oven could time tweets to let followers know when something is broiling, baking, or roasting. Just imagine a tweet that says “sent from my oven.” Pretty mouthwatering.

2. Heater/Air Conditioning Unit. If you could get tweets about how hot or cold the house is when you’re out and about, you could call home and tell them to adjust the thermostat. Or, in terms of safety, a heater/AC with Twitter could be useful to let people know when the unit might be malfunctioning.

3. Cable television. Many televisions are already connected to the internet, but if more TVs had Twitter capabilities, we could send out tweets that list what show we’re watching — not only to spread the word about our favorite programs, but also to invite social interaction. Imagine a tweet straight from a television set that says, ‘Come over, we’re watching the big game’ — that would be pretty convincing coming with a time stamp from the fancy sports channel you’re on, especially if Twitter includes a tag for high-definition.

4. X-Box. On a related note, a tweeting video game device would be useful for people in gaming networks who like to keep up with each other’s scores. Again, it’s not that hard to send out a message from your computer or phone or iPad in between rounds of FIFA, but a system directly hooked up to Twitter will give you more credibility and could possibly be programmed to update scores to your followers automatically.

5. Clock. If you could set your clock to automatically tweet at certain hours to correspond with your plans for the day, you might find yourself held more accountable. For example, say you’re planning to go for a run with a friend at 7 a.m. Sending a tweet from your clock will remind not only your friend, but your whole network, of your goals — that’s one way to step up marathon training.

So if you thought Twitter was just a business tool or a workday procrastination site, think again….tweets are coming to a home near you.