Top 25 Facebook pages: September 2013

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While 13 of the 25 most-liked Facebook pages stayed in their place over the past month, there was some shuffling on the lower end of the list. The Facebook page for reggae legend Bob Marley returned to the top 25 list, as compiled by PageData, for the first time since January. His page is 21st worldwide, in terms of the volume of likes.

Other than Facebook for Every Phone (the official page of Facebook’s feature phone application), singer Shakira has the fastest growing Facebook page, gaining more than 800,000 fans in the past week.

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#NameTotal Likes Daily GrowthWeekly Growth
1    Facebook for Every Phone296,646,369+494,159+3,622,472
2    Facebook94,773,015+16,812+134,792
3    YouTube76,484,257+4,180+33,537
4    Eminem75,121,954+78,804+380,709
5    Rihanna75,035,222+63,427+342,363
6    Coca-Cola72,319,005+52,527+365,491
7    Texas HoldEm Poker70,154,788+2,830+8,120
8    Shakira70,004,148+89,861+804,706
9    The Simpsons66,560,309+36,448+184,681
10    Harry Potter64,177,825+29,108+103,131
11    Michael Jackson63,501,061+72,145+514,199
12    Cristiano Ronaldo60,060,949+42,950+289,807
13    Lady Gaga58,932,586+26,836+159,775
14    Katy Perry56,664,329+59,728+390,712
15    Justin Bieber56,455,687+21,740+148,211
16    Linkin Park56,274,217+28,096+235,382
17    Family Guy53,843,611+10,396+58,534
18    Will Smith50,120,637+128,397+444,948
19    Beyoncé50,073,334+29,789+180,824
20    AKON49,776,362+28,951+201,929
21    Bob Marley47,806,738+57,406+626,563
22    Leo Messi47,777,686+37,022+166,628
23    South Park47,487,697+22,916+98,336
24    Adele47,416,960+60,484+308,329
25    Lil Wayne47,233,387+19,000+156,121

Other notes on Facebook page movement since August:

  • Katy Perry and Justin Bieber switched places.
  • Beyoncé fell from 18 to 19.
  • Will Smith rose from 20 to 18.
  • Akon fell from 19 to 20.
  • Leo Messi dropped from 21 to 22.
  • South Park went from 22 to 23.
  • Adele went down one, from 23 to 24.
  • Lil Wayne bumps MTV off the list, coming in as the No. 25 page on Facebook.

Image courtesy of Bob Marley’s Facebook page.