Top 25 Facebook pages: May 2014 — Real Madrid growing


One of the world’s most popular soccer teams is also a force against other Facebook pages. According to Mediabistro’s PageData, Real Madrid C.F. has gained more than 1 million fans over the past week and is now the No. 23-most liked page on Facebook. Real Madrid is the second-most-popular soccer team on Facebook, as F.C. Barcelona and its 63.5 million fans rank No. 18.

Want to discover the pages with the most Facebook likes? Look below. All numbers accurate as of May 5, 2014.

#NameTotal Likes Daily GrowthWeekly Growth
1    Facebook for Every Phone432,545,767+543,373+3,862,929
2    Facebook147,246,675+71,693+623,287
3    Shakira92,600,936+146,368+1,097,789
4    Eminem87,079,831+81,987+600,019
5    Coca-Cola82,033,221+26,608+222,712
6    Cristiano Ronaldo80,213,664+111,007+927,024
7    YouTube79,500,381+20,930+162,281
8    Vin Diesel73,988,681+131,562+878,381
9    Michael Jackson73,507,802+41,654+306,355
10    The Simpsons72,630,321+42,677+324,835
11    Harry Potter71,048,359+41,298+288,372
12    Texas HoldEm Poker70,350,561+1,843+14,049
13    Katy Perry68,099,129+69,498+480,459
14    Candy Crush Saga66,963,603+52,128+395,430
15    Justin Bieber66,337,331+67,596+376,341
16    Will Smith66,116,056+23,858+184,289
17    Lady Gaga65,158,267+26,074+201,173
18    FC Barcelona63,506,902+100,212+813,407
19    Linkin Park61,824,558+26,136+185,829
20    Bob Marley61,529,516+123,379+898,793
21    Taylor Swift61,071,049+103,831+699,020
22    Beyoncé60,394,086+52,389+411,201
23    Real Madrid C.F.59,824,362+129,495+1,152,375
24    Selena Gomez58,417,840+16,347+117,201
25    Leo Messi56,405,951+29,466+251,237


Photo courtesy of Real Madrid’s Facebook page.