Top 15 Free Online File Storage Sites

Following our coverage of online file storage which just became a little more social, here are 15 more free online storage sites which you can use for storing, sharing and backing up your important files.

Following our coverage of online file storage which just became a little more social, here are 15 more free online storage sites which you can use for storing, sharing and backing up your important files.

UPDATE: Check Out Our New List for 2013



A big online storage where Internet users store their text, audio, video, photo, and other files and share them, if they wish, with other people. Offers 5GB of free storage for document files (doc, txt, pdf, rtf, xls), music file (mp3, ogg, wav, mid), video file (avi, mpg, mpeg), image file (jpg, gif, bmp, png)



Offiers up to 5GB of file storage, mobile file upload through, share your photos, add music & videos, create direct links to download and access files to email, IM, web pages, and forum.



Allows you to store files online securely and offers 1GB of storage space. Uploading/Downloading of files is limited to 50MB.



Offers simple drag and drop file management system; lets you synchronize your Humyo folder to your PC; secured file management vault. It’s a file management in the cloud as you can access your file anywhere, using any PC or even your mobile phone. It also allows you to share files with your friends and family.



ADrive is a feature-rich online storage solution offering up to 50GB free storage for a 14-day trial. It’s a cloud storage system that let you access files anywhere, share files, edit documents online, and FTP file transfer.



A personal storage and file sharing site geared for members of social networks including Facebook, MySpace and Bebo. Allows you to access your files and your friends’ files from within the said social networks. Offers 1GB of free online storage.



Offers an easy-to-use, feature-packed file sharing service that is completely free. Allows you to upload up to 150MB of file per upload. Upgrade features lets you upload 500MB.



Offers a virtual online storage space for storing, accessing, sharing, and backing up your data. Offers a free 30-day trial for up to 30GB storage.



Offers both free and paid account for storing your files. The free Fileden account gives you 1GB of storage space, 50MB maximum file size limit, 50GB of monthly bandwith, and hotlinking of files.


Microsoft Live’s online file storage could possibly your best bet for online storage. Why? It’s from Microsoft, so it must be pretty solid. Offers 25GB of free storage, access anywhere and secure password protection features. It ties up with other Windows Live services as well.



Althoug LiveDrive is currently in beta mode, that should not stop you from trying out their services. It offers unlimited storage for free, works like a normal PC hard drive minus the hardware, synchronizes files on your PC, access your files on your mobile phone, PDA and other devices, and share your files.



A web-based file storage system that offers 20MB free account. If you need more storage, you have to upgrade to a paid account. The site lets you upload, download, and manage files online, access your files from any Internet connected PC.



Offers 6GB of free online storage. It lets you access your files from any location, share files and collaborate with friends. And if you want unlimited storage, it would only costs you $5.



Offers tools for managing and sharing your data online. Allows private sharing of files to select group of people. Its privacy security prevents sharing your files to other people that you don’t share the files with. The site also lets you create photo albums as well as hotlinking to your social networking profiles.

The last online storage site on our list is of course, which we just covered recently.