Top 15 Fastest Growing Facebook Games Of The Week has reported Facebook's fastest growing games of the week with CityVille at the top of the list, which shouldn't surprise anyone. Read on to see the rest of the list. has reported Facebook’s fastest growing games of the week with CityVille at the top of the list, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. Before moving on to the list, I’d like to discuss a little about the stats tool, for those of you who are unfamiliar with it. All of the numbers and figures I provide you with are taken from that tool, and it is a critical piece of any serious Facebook analyst’s repertoire.

On the application statistics page, you will be able to find application statistics for top applications, top developers, fastest growing applications and worst applications. allows users to arrange data in categories: business, education, entertainment, games, lifestyle, sports and utilities. For the purpose of, I organize the data under games to weed out any other applications. I encourage all of you to always question the numbers I provide you with by looking at the numbers provided by All Facebook.
On that note, let’s take a look at the top 15 Fastest Growing Facebook Games of the Week:
1. CityVille
What else is new? CityVille stay at the number one spot with a weekly growth of 16 million users. CityVille, making recent Facebook history, will continue to grow in size. However, when will CityVille peak?
Type CityVille into Google News and you will always find new and updated articles pertaining to the game. There is always something new going on with CityVille: either a new feature or a list of tips and tricks.
2. Monster Galaxy
Right behind CityVille, but still at the same time way off, is Monster Galaxy with a weekly growth of 1.4 million users. Monster Glaxy, a game that is similar to Pokémon, creates an environment for gamers to catch monsters for battle.
With a daily growth of 266,800 users, Monster Galaxy should continue to rise steadily. It is very unlikely that it will catch up with CityVille, but it may stay ahead of other games for weeks.
3. Zuma Blitz
Zuma Blitz’s weekly growth, currently at 948,700 users, tops FarmVille’s weekly growth. As of now, Zuma Blitz’s monthly active users are steadily increasing and will most likely continue.
4. FarmVille
FarmVille, being recently defeated by CityVille, has only a weekly growth of 814,900 users. Experts claim that it is very possible a lot of FarmVille users have been to converted to CityVillians, I tend to agree. CityVille’s environment resembles more closely to gamers lives than FarmVille’s.
5. FarmVille 中文版
Right behind FarmVille is Zynga’s Chinese version of FarmVille with a weekly growth of 764,000 users. Currently this version of FarmVille has 1.6 million monthly active users and 276,600 daily active users. In the next few weeks, we may see the Chinese version of FarmVille take over the original FarmVille with regards to growth.
Take a look at the gaps between games for their weekly growth, you will see that a lot of them are not too far off from each other, besides CityVille’s huge lead over Monster Galaxy. Again take a look at the gaming statistics over at to see for yourself the growing games of the week!