Top 10 Videos To Wish Your Dad A Happy Father’s Day

Fathers’ Day is tomorrow and if you haven’t gotten around to getting a special gift for your dad you can always surprise him with a special video. We’ve put together a list of the top 10 Father’s Day videos. Watch them to be inspired about your own personal Father’s Day gift, or send one to your dad to let him know just how special he is!

Origin of Father’s Day

We all celebrate Father’s Day each year, but where did this holiday originate? In this video, Hot For Words tells us where Father’s Day started. It’s an interesting history told by one of the hottest women on YouTube. Your father is sure to appreciate this clip.

Father’s Day Gift Advice

Not sure what to give your father for Father’s Day? Take some advice from a couple of hillbillies who understand that “it ain’t easy for a man to tell his daddy that he loves him.”

JibJab’s Dad Rap

If you want to send your dad a personalized Father’s Day greeting there’s no better way than with a JibJab card. You can check out JibJab’s Father’s Day Dad Rap below and if you like it, customize and send it to your dad here or find more Father’s Day greeting options here.

Funny! Happy Fathers Day!

If your dad has a sense of humor he’ll love this clip. It’s got dads, babies and farts – the three key ingredients to a hilarious Father’s Day greeting!

Father and Son Joke – Happy Father’s Day!

If you want to tickle your dad’s funny bone then send him this Happy Father’s Day joke clip. It’s a little bit of a sick joke, but you know your dad so if you think he’d think it’s funny sent it his way!

Father’s Day Hoedown!

This hoedown is absolutely hilarious. It’s my personal favorite, which features three dads talking about what they are going to do on Father’s Day – their day! Share the clip with your dad and ask him what he’s going to do on his special day!

HAPPY FATHERS DAY! “I’m your daddy”

Last year for Father’s Day, vlogger Shay Carl put together a clip of his credentials as a father, to show the things that make him a great dad. Do any of these things remind you of your own father? I’m not sure whether that would be a good thing or a bad thing – you’ll understand why after you watch the clip.

Father’s Day Line Rider

If you want to make something personal for your dad then this clip is great inspiration. ‘Father’s Day Line Rider’ shows that if you want to make something special for your dad then you should make something that you’re good at. Of course your dad will be proud of you no matter what you do, so make something that makes you happy and he will be happy too!

That’s What Dad’s are For!

The following clip is the perfect YouTube e-card. It features a baby singing “That’s What Friends Are For” slightly altered to fit dads and Father’s Day.

My Dad

In this cute video, a couple of kids on the playground brag about how great their dads are. One kid’s dad is a black belt in Kung Fu, another kid’s dad is a cyborg, and another’s dad is none other than…Batman!

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