Top 10 Celebrities on Social Media [Infographic]

They’re talented, they’re famous, and now they have Twitter accounts. Celebrities have discovered social media as a way to reach out to their fans and to express themselves outside the stage and screen. This infographic ranks the top 10 celebrities on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google+. took a look at each site to find the celebrities with the most number of fans and the highest amount of engagement. The results vary from network to network.

It’s no surprise that Justin Bieber tops the charts on YouTube, considering that the video-sharing site is where Bieber got his start. But Lady Gaga rules the Twittersphere, proving that musicians can be popular on sites that aren’t all about videos or audio tracks. Britney Spears is number one on Google+.

In a blog post, further details when the celebrities joined each network and how many times they post per day.  With more than 13 tweets per day, Justin Bieber is more prolific than Lady Gaga, but the number one tweeter holds her ground with a single tweet. For this reason, it’s also interesting that Michael Jackson is number 5 on Facebook. The deceased star might not be around to update his status, but he still has plenty of fans who show up on his page to reminisce with classic photos and favorite quotes.

The top ten celebrities on each site are listed below.

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