Top 10 Apps for Music Discovery

discoverIt’s that time of year when things are looking a bit gloomy – the rain, the endless winter days without many holidays to break the gray monotony. It’s the perfect time, in my opinion to find some new tunes, from new artists and old ones. To help you get started, a small start of a very long list of apps available for music consumption, with an emphasis on new music and music discovery. If you have an app that you love to use for finding new music, share it below in the comment section.

NPR Music My go-to source for new albums from all sorts of genres – NPR is an indispensable collection of music news on upcoming artists.

Pitchfork Weekly Here’s a great weekly read with exclusive videos and album streams – perfect to catch up on a whole week’s worth of music.

Shazam A must-have app for songs you hear while out and about – it’s the perfect way to discover music in the real world.

shazam Best for those who like to keep records of all their listening habits through scrobbling, the social music site and app is encyclopedic in nature. After a month of using, you’ll notice that the recommendations will improve immensely. I’ve been a user since 2003, and I’ve yet to find a better source for finding new artists so similar to the ones I love.

8tracks A great way to follow online DJ or other listeners. I use this app to share my own playlists, and have found similar playlists from other users.

The Hype Machine The perfect way to keep up with new songs from old artists. A simple search will show you all of the recent blog postings and singles anywhere on the web.

Bandcamp The home of independent artists has an app that will let you listen to Bandcamp Weekly – a fine way to discover music. The app also has a new music feed of things you won’t likely see anywhere else on the internet.

Discovr Music this app is completely dedicated to music discovery, so you’ll be able to quickly find new artists based on the ones you already love.


Spotify Probably the easiest way to listen to streaming radio – the app’s amazing catalog of music is an easy source for finding new ones, but they’re usually not from small independent artists you’ll see on Bandcamp. The app’s new unlimited streaming service is hard to beat.

Pandora This radio station’s been around for quite some time now, but it has only recently added a recommended radio feature, which is an improvement since most of the stations tend to repeat artists and songs too often.


Beats This app was released earlier this week, so it’s our bonus 11th app to share. We love the sentence feature – where users can fill in the blanks to fine tune the perfect radio stream.