Tools Round Up: MyMediaInfo, Cision, ContentAide, and Skype

MyMediaInfo has added an international media database to its offerings. The database includes information about journalists and other media contacts in Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, and Africa.

The CisionPoint Spring Release is here, and it includes new news sources, redesigned news distribution services, and additional choices to further personalize information.

Our San Francisco contributor Celeste Altus can breathe easy today. Facebook isn’t buying Skype, but Microsoft is. The $8.5 billion deal was announced this morning and should be finalized by the end of the year. In an email published on ZDNet, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmerwrites:

By bringing together the best of Microsoft with the best of Skype, we will drive a new era in communications. We see a huge desire to do more with video, to make it easier for people to connect from multiple devices, to move from chat to phone to video and back in a way that is easy, natural, and human.

VentureBeat writer Cody Barbierrihas launched ContentAide, a site that creates a daily report about the Facebook Pages you’d like to track. According to TechCrunch, the tool uses an algorithm to analyze how a page is doing, and Barbierri would eventually like to add deeper analysis. ContentAide’s programs start at $20 for one report per day and increases from there.