Toolbar Helps You Watch Friends Constantly

Do people even know about the Facebook toolbar for Firefox? I’ve had it installed for quite some time now, and I only realized its unpopularity when some friends came over and were baffled. The toolbar is amazing, and has totally changed how Facebook impacts my life. It can be found at

The toolbar has all of the features you’d expect. It tells you when you receive a new message and lets you access different parts of the site easily with the click of a button. It also makes it very easy to share the page you’re at on your profile, and you can search Facebook at any time from the top of your browser. It’s very simple and very intuitive.

My favourite feature of the toolbar is that it has msn-like popups that notify you instantly of your friends’ status updates and of new messages or notifications received. I’ve come to like this feature the most because it allows me to find out about what my friends are up to instantaneously. It really lets me be more active with Facebook and to keep up to date with my friends’ activities on the site.

I have a feeling that some people will find the pop-ups a little annoying or intrusive, but they can be turned off and you can limit what you receive notifications about. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Posted by Jonathan Kleiman