Too Many Applications?

I’ve been furiously covering Facebook applications for the past few weeks. At this point there are more applications being added each day than are worth the effort of putting on this blog. Ultimately, I go through the process of checking out every application and deciding whether or not it is worth the effort of posting. I am contemplating adding an application directory to this site for users to review each application including those that I am not writing about. Additionally I will be adding a ratings feature to general blog posts as well. Unfortunately many of the applications that are being developed are duplicates of others or are not held to any sort of development standard. I would like to make this blog the filter for that process so that you don’t need to spend your time perusing the application directory and can easily find the best applications for your profile. I also would like to add an awards feature. We will provide awards such as “This week’s best application” and other types of awards. Thanks to Peter for the awards idea! What features would you like to see added to this blog?