TipJoy: The Easy-to-Use Virtual Tip Jar

tipjoyI’ve always been very outspoken about my disdain for bloggers and podcasters who tout a “virtual tip jar.” With all of the problems plaguing the world the least of my concern are your growing bandwidth expenses.That’s why, with some reservation, I tell you about TipJoy, a Y Combinator startup that takes the work out of leaving your favorite Internet content producer a tip.

To leave a tip you just click on a button that appears on a site or visit TipJoy and send money to any e-mail or URL. Kinda like buying a beer at Cheers, the tip is put on a tab. The differnece being that at Cheers, Sam and Woody eventually expected to be paid. With TipJoy, no Sopranos types with baseball bats will show up at your door to collect. If you have a change of heart, you can simply opt not to pay.

When cashing out your tips you have choice to opt for an Amazon gift credit or you can donate the money to charity (the only reason I don’t feel dirty writing about the site). However, why not just donate to a charity of your choice rather than leaving it up to another blogger?

If you really want to “tip” a content producer, I believe there’s a cheaper way to do it: leave a comment; tell a friend; offer a guest post, etc. Personally, I’d appreciate some feedback over 10 cents (the minimum TipJoy denomination).

TipJoy keeps 2% on paid debts.

Got a tip for RotorBlog? Leave a comment! 😉