Timeful: Intelligent Time Management App Launches on iOS

Technology company Timeful has launched its app of the same name on iOS devices. The company’s goal is to help users make the most of their time each day, and with that in mind, the Timeful app allows users to organize all of the items that compete for their time in a single place. The app is described as an “intelligent time manager,” which combines behavioral science and intelligent algorithms to optimize a user’s schedule with the theory that adding items to a calendar inspires users to actually complete them.

zl6XXjpzGuoZi2qaVUe3AIQSnqThXtcv4KHp5rQvYwsThe app begins by syncing with a user’s calendar, and then suggests some healthy habits or productive “to-dos” to add to it. This includes checking email, drinking water, reading, journaling and more. The more users engage with Timeful, the smarter the app becomes, leading to it suggesting times to complete errands and these “to-dos” based on the way users have performed in the past, and on the user’s chosen timeframe for completion (of morning, afternoon or evening).

Timeful’s drag-and-drop interface allows users to freely pick up calendar tasks and drop them on other time slots, or allow the app to suggest times and go from there. When inputting new items manually, users can color-code these items and identify them as scheduled events, to-do tasks or healthy habits. When the day looks too crammed, users can delay certain tasks to a later time, or place items on the side-line. In this way, the task is still visible in the calendar, but the event’s time slot is technically available to complete other tasks.

“We’ve successfully applied technology to improve our lives in many domains – search, finance, music, shopping, you name it. And yet we haven’t applied it to optimize the use of our most scarce resource – time – and there’s so much algorithms and behavioral science have to offer,” said Jacob Bank, CEO and co-founder of Timeful.

“Our first application is based on the simple observation that what doesn’t make it onto your schedule is less likely to get done. By making it easier to put everything that vies for your time onto your schedule, including automatically suggesting good times to do things, we hope to make you more productive and less stressed.”

Timeful is available to download for free on iOS devices. The company is supported by nearly $7 million in funding, raised in a Series A funding round in May 2014.