Tilting Point partners with Quark Games for development of ‘core’ mobile titles


Quark Games is joining forces with Tilting Point for support in developing a line of mobile games. Quark Games is the fifth developer to partner with Tilting Point, which offers marketing resources, funding and more to developers, while allowing the development team to retain their own creation vision.

Quark Games has previously released Valor and Champs: Battlegrounds, which have been downloaded over 50 million times on iOS and Android.

This partnership will see Quark and Titling Point develop and release multiple titles, with the first currently in production. The games are set to target “core” gamers, and will focus on “strategic, challenging and deeply social gameplay experiences.”

Tilting Point will help these games find exposure through marketing and PR, while also offering monetization strategies and market analytics to Quark Games.

“We believe in making mobile games that give players the ability to affect outcomes through skill and effort. Choices and consequences are what lead to high quality gameplay experiences and emotional impact to the player,” said Eric Peng, founder and CEO of Quark Games. “The team at Tilting Point shares our vision and commitment to building better mobile games and provides us with valuable expertise and resources while allowing us to retain control of our IP.”

Other Tilting Point partners include Toy Rush developer Uber Entertainment, Housemarque, Signal Mobile and 1337 Game Design. More information about Tilting Point’s partners can be found on the company’s website.