Tiger on Twitter, on the Radio, and in Print

Tiger Woods at the Australian Masters this past weekend. Photo: AP, Andrew Brownbill

Tiger Woods is tweeting, announcing today that he “finally decided to try [it] out.” SportsNewser reports that Woods will also make an appearance on Thursday’s Mike & Mike. And he’s written a story for Newsweek where he once again talks about the pain he’s caused his family and the steps he took to “examine” his life.

The golfer has been historically tight-lipped, so this seems like a lot of Tiger for just one week.

It was one year ago that Woods’ sex scandal exploded. And while he hasn’t been on a winning streak with his golf game, now that some time has passed, is Tiger Woods seeking to rebuild his image? Can he? Judging by 140,000-plus that have clicked “Follow” so far, maybe.