Tidbits: Oscar Value, Palin E-Mails, Obama on YouTube, and More

IBISWorld, a research firm, used numbers to analyze the brand impact of an Oscar nomination. “The average Best Picture Oscar winners over the last four years saw a bump of 22.2% (or $20.3 million) in box office revenue after they were named a nominee, and an additional 15.3% (or $14.0 million) following their win at the award show,” the group found. BrandChannel reports that The King’s Speech has already seen its ticket sales spike 70 percent between Monday and Tuesday.

Alaska’s attorney general is going to release more than 26,000 pages of e-mail from Sarah Palin’s gubernatorial administration.

Google and Yad Vashem, the Israeli museum dedicated to victims of the Holocaust, are partnering to create an online archive of Holocaust documents. The project was announced yesterday, Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Following this week’s State of the Union address, President Obama answered questions via YouTube. Nearly 140,000 questions were submitted. YouTube Trends shows how respectful and perhaps how high people were during the interview. More info about PR takeaways from the SOTU here.

Kickstarter has partnered with the Sundance Institute to help get independent film projects made. Kickstarter, in case you don’t know, is a site to crowd source funding for all sorts of creative projects.