'Thor' Has The Week's Most Explosive Page On Facebook

Thor climbed to the top of Hollywood's rankings of box-office sales over the weekend, and the page promoting the move has a similar placement on our list of the fastest-growing pages on Facebook this week.

Thor climbed to the top of Hollywood’s rankings of box-office sales over the weekend, and the page promoting the move has a similar placement on our list of the fastest-growing pages on Facebook this week. The list below comes from our own statistics tool that taps directly into Facebook.

This Week’s Most Explosive Pages

Name# Of FansDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1. Thor544,63215,669172,928
2. L’Oreal Paris USA702,06933,294158,550
3. Starbucks Mexico325,01816,454140,945
4. Swiffer241,44392,772133,728
5. Nihat Genç587,4341,94380,094
6. SportsNation849,39810,33879,471
7. GTA San Andreas863,09810,33276,671
8. Monster High387,0208,57171,974
9. Non-Profits on Facebook405,65997361,796
10. Music on Facebook242,9894,52059,059

That’s Entertainment

Thor had a successful opening at the box office, but the social networking home for the film had staggering fan increase totals throughout the month leading up to the film’s opening. The movie’s release seems to be the spark needed to successfully climb to the top spot of our list; the movie had a weekly increase of 172,928.

Author Nihat Genç has a tremendous week climbing up our countdown; the Turkish writer rests comfortably in the middle of our countdown with 80,094 new likers. GTA San Andreas is a page almost entirely filled with fans simply discussing the game, but the conversation continues as the game lands in the seventh spot on our list as 76,671 “likes” were counted.

Cosmetics And Caffeine

This category describes a few essential items for the morning routine of many social networkers out there. L’Oreal Paris USA is filled with tips, pictures, and interactive material. The page takes a successful leap forward positioning itself in second place with a weekly growth increase of 158,550.

Starbucks has well over 20 million fans at this point, but with the help of the new temporary happy hour promotion the popular coffee shop’s Mexico social networking hub is started to fill up with caffeine fanatics. Since last Monday the page has successfully welcomed 140,945 new fans; Starbucks Mexico nabs the third place this week.

Free Stuff And Exclusives

Every week this month Swiffer will be giving away thousands of Duster Kits to fans; the promotion has helped skyrocket the cleaning brand’s fan total as it lands in fourth this week with a 133,728 increase.

Go behind the scenes, keep up with the latest news and rumors, and add your add your own opinion to the polls and on going conversation at SportsNation‘s social networking location. The entertaining page is filled with exclusive information is nearing a million fans quickly; 79,471 users helped move the show into the sixth this week. “Monsterify” yourself and stay updated on any new contests by liking Monster High; the popular doll company lands in the eighth spot this week with a 71,974 seven day increase.

Up And Coming

We end this week with two choices run by the social network itself. Some 61,796 people became fans of Non-Profits on Facebook and the just relaunched Music on Facebook finished with a weekly growth total of 59,059.

Readers, which of these pages stood out to you this week?

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