Brian Ward

Hidden Chronicles Is The Fastest Growing Facebook App

Zynga's Hidden Chronicles maintains a steady lead, and overall social gaming applications exhibit tremendous weekly growth totals throughout the countdown.

Religious Facebook Pages Set Example In Engagement

Religion once again leads engagement on Facebook, and the NFL Super Bowl teams also rank highly after enjoying increased interactivity totals.

Hidden Chronicles Leads In Facebook Application Growth

Zynga's newest game continues to grow the fastest on Facebook.

Jesus Daily Leads Facebook In Page Engagement

The leader in page engagement on Facebook for over ninth months, Jesus Daily begins February with a great deal of interactivity.

Hidden Chronicles Is Facebook's Fastest Growing App

Zynga's newest release, Hidden Chronicles, graces the top of our chart this week, followed by tools that help brands create better pages on the social network.

Super Bowl Doesn't Engage Like Religion On Facebook

Teams participating in the Super Bowl tally impressive page engagement totals on Facebook, but religion ultimately ends January as the dominant trend.

Page Tools and Zynga Games Grow Fastest On Facebook

Page tools dominate the weekly growth leaderboard, as does Zynga's newest hit.

Real Madrid Scores Third In Facebook Page Engagement

Real Madrid C.F. takes an explosive leap forward in page engagement, but it still cannot crack the tough barrier created by two dominating religious leaders.

Static HTML Remains Facebook's Fastest Growing App

Static HTML maintains its steady lead on the weekly growth leaderboard, but the trend overall encounters slower seven-day totals.

Religion And Sports Lead Facebook Page Engagement

Religion takes over the majority of the top five positions in this week's list. With matches underway for European teams, sports pages' engagement is also heating up.