This Week In Facebook – February 21, 2010

The past week has been a busy one for Facebook, who made a couple product and partnership announcements. Whether it was the new Paypal integration on the site, Microsoft’s announcement that they’d be integrating Facebook into Outlook, or the company surpassing Yahoo! in traffic, this was a busy week.

Facebook Launches Zero

During a talk at the Mobile World Conference, Chath Palihapitiya told the audience about the impending launch of Facebook Zero, which will help users in markets with lower bandwidth access, have a text-only version of the site. This will help Facebook to expand their reach to under served markets.

Microsoft Adds Facebook Support Within Outlook

On Wednesday, Microsoft announced that the company would officially launch Facebook (and other social networks) into their Outlook product. Following the previous week’s announcement about Google Buzz, and rumors that Facebook would be launching their own email product, we found out details about Outlook’s new integration. The service will let you “view friends’ activities, photos, and status updates within Outlook—as well as grow your network by adding friends from the same view”.

Facebook Surpasses Yahoo! Domestically

Last week, new statistics from Compete showed Facebook surpassing Yahoo! in domestic traffic. While other data has shown the company surpassing Yahoo! long ago, it’s definitely a significant milestone for the company to surpass the second largest internet company, in terms of unique visitors.

Facebook Launches Privacy Controls For Applications

Facebook also announced new privacy settings for application. While the company has yet to make a major announcement highlighting the functionality, Facebook has posted blog posts about the new opt-out functionality. While nobody appears to be making much of a fuss about the settings besides us, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear of users who have painful experience with Facebook Facebook dashboard privacy flaw.

Facebook And PayPal Announce Partnership

The most significant announcement last week was a partnership between PayPal and Facebook, which would make the company a payment provider for Facebook’s highly buzzed Credits product. While this led to much speculation about the short-term vision of Credits, it was a huge announcement for users who now have more ways to pay for Facebook’s micro-payments solution.

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