This App Quickly Splits Your Restaurant Bill with Your Smartphone Camera

Shared meals are great ways to spend time with friends, but when the check comes, it can be awkward. No one likes to talk about the bill, but someone or everyone has to pay.

That’s why I  like Tab, an app that lets you take a photo of your bill so you can skip the fancy arithmetic. After taking a photo of the bill, it lets each diner select which dishes to pay for and does the necessary calculations for tax and tip. Diners can also decide to split the bill evenly – helpful when you go to birthday dinners when the “special one” gets a free meal.

The app will show all of the items on your bill, so if you have a subtotal, be sure to delete it (a long press). There are other quirks with receipts, such as multiple items per lines are split evenly, not according to their real world value. Adding items manually can also cause a force shut down, but the developer promises a bug fix soon (Android).