thePlatform Frees mpx Video-Management System from Beta

Comcast-owned online-video-publishing outfit thePlatform announced that its mpx video-management system is out of beta and officially available.

Among the capabilities and features boasted by mpx: the ability to ingest video libraries using automated solutions including metadata adapters, feed readers, and watch folders; tracking reports; personalized views, shortcuts, and custom panels and commands; smart publish profiles to automate content delivery; dynamic or curated feeds; drag-and-drop ordering; lineup previews; a hosted transcoding service for file conversion; thumbnail and chapter creation; flexible CDN and storage services; the ability to set ad policies; content syndication through players, feeds, and connectors; content-access restrictions including geo-blocking, IP addresses, tokens, access keys, domains, and availability dates; and URL security, RTMPE, DRM, feed security, and playback security.

thePlatform is involved in cable operators’ TV Everywhere initiatives due to partnerships with its parent company, as well as Warner Cable, Cablevision Systems, Cox Communications, and Rogers Communications, and CEO Ian Blaine spoke with Broadcasting & Cable about how mpx will impact that process:

The biggest development is that we will make it much easier to deliver content to more devices. The promise of TV Everywhere is the everywhere part, which means getting content to more devices. That hasn’t been as easy as it should be because different devices require different formats and different media-protection schemes. This new release addresses that complexity and makes it simple for content owners and distributors to deliver content to more places.

It will allow (clients) to more effectively monetize their advertising and, as they do that, we will start to see more of a model that looks like traditional cable television, where you certainly have making money from subscriber fees, but also from advertising.