The World Co. to Launch StoryMarket Content Network

The World Co. will open the doors to StoryMarket later this month, describing it as a content network that will enable syndicators, publishers, freelancers, and bloggers to buy, sell, and share content.

The Associated Press and Universal Uclick have agreed to contribute content, The World Co. said, adding that StoryMarket will offer tools to allow users to sell or share text, photographs, videos, audio clips, and story packages to other members, with the site handling credit-card transactions (taking a percentage of each one) and authenticated downloads. StoryMarket will be free to join.

Users will be able to follow other users or specific organizations or topics, and publishers will have control over how accessible their content is.

StoryMarket chief architect and product manager David Ryan said:

We created StoryMarket to help publishers develop with more cost-effective content options, and to help creators of content, including major syndicators, to find more opportunities to have their work widely licensed and published.

In StoryMarket, you can you make your content available to other StoryMarket users in any way you like — for sale, for free, in trade with other organizations, in public or private content-sharing groups. Each user has full control over their content’s pricing, availability, and licensing rights. Buy, sell, or share: StoryMarket means content syndication on your terms.

We’d love to see first-rate bloggers establish relationships with print publications, magazines, or radio stations looking for new sources of content. StoryMarket gives everyone the opportunity not only to find new sources of content, but to create new revenue selling content they’re already producing on topics they specialize in.

Chief technology officer Frank Wiles added:

In StoryMarket, you get a customized feed of content matching your topic interests, based on the organizations and users you follow. We see the social-network model as a great solution for helping people develop new content relationships that meet their specific needs. It’s the heart of the StoryMarket network.