The Twitterverse, Then and Now [Infographic]

Influential new media personality Brian Solis has just unveiled his latest visualization of the Twitterverse. He takes a look at the robust universe of Twitter apps available for marketing, business and service professionals, and lays them out as orbiting the central “Twitter” node. Take a look at what apps made the cut below.

Solis has partnered with the graphics team over at JESS3 to create the Twitterverse 1.0 infographic, which expands on the infographic these partners made just under two years ago.

The infographic features 19 rings that orbit around the central “Twitter” planet holding everything together. The rings include categories such as “Branding”, “Dashboard”, “Marketing and Advertising”, “Trends”, and “Twitter Search”, among many others.

You might recognize a good chunk of the apps that Solis has featured in the Twitterverse, especially if you are among his target demographic: marketing, business or service professionals. Popular dashboards like HootSuite and TweetDeck are there, as is follower management service “Friend or Follow” and newspaper-like feed aggregator But there are others within the Twitterverse that might be new to you, such as trend analyzer Re:Tweetist and target marketing engine TwitHawk.

Take a look at the infographic below – we guarantee you’ll find a new app or two that you’ll want to try!

You can also view a high-resolution image of the Twitterverse infographic through Brian Solis’ website.