The Twitter Elite Chime in With Travel Advice on Twaller

Twitter is already well-known as a useful tool for travelers, as it lets you search for real-time updates and information about your destination. If you’re both an avid traveler and an avid tweeter, you’ll love using Twaller, a service that makes it easy to see what the Twitterverse is saying about your next travel destination.

According to the Twaller website, a “Twall” is a verb meaning “to share ideas and tips while travelling.” It’s a simple concept, but a powerful one: on Twitter, you are connected to a geographically diverse network of people from all corners of the globe. What better place to start looking for travel tips?

Twaller is simple to use, too. You can search by pre-determined locations, or enter your own search query such as “museums in london” to see more specific tweets. Twaller also shows you the most recent travel-related tweets in their database.

Twaller is basically a filter between you and Twitter that selects only travel-related tweets. They use a search engine to find relevant tweets, and then they sort them into locations and categories for the end-user to browse.

A brief glance at the tweets in Twaller’s database shows that the topics locals and travelers discuss are broad: everything from icy snowstorms in New York to snippets of conversation in a cafe in London is free game on Twaller.

As a travel, it might be fun to plan your next trip using Twaller. Try going to only restaurants recommended by Twitter users, dressing based on Twitter weather reports, and going to attractions that fellow Twitter users suggest.