The ‘Twilight’ Wedding Dress is as Awful as it Sounds

Alfred Angelo

The latest Twilight tie-in will fulfill your wedding day fantasy of dressing like a love-struck teen from a YA vampire book series. Joy!

Here’s the Bella Swan wedding dress, inspired by the one Bella (neé Kristen Stewart) wore in the latest Breaking Dawn movie as she walked down the aisle to her undead, glittering vampire groom Edward (a pasty Robert Pattinson).

We understand the tie-ins. This latest movie had the fifth largest opening in the history of the movies. And besides the sales of books and tickets to other movies, it makes sense to give fans other chances to take a piece of the Twilight experience home with them (and make more money, of course).

But these merchandise offerings must make sense and shouldn’t be ugly.

The dress Bella wore in the movie was designed by Carolina Herrera, so we’re talking top-notch. This thing is $799 made with “Chantilly-inspired” lace and “liquid satin.” So the fabric is the same stuff as a Victoria’s Secret nightie. Even the designer, Alfred Angelo, says that getting the price down on the wedding dress was an issue.

Besides the issues with creating a wedding dress at low cost, the idea just seems strange from the jump. True, many of the viewers who saw the movie this past weekend were women over the age of 21, according to research. But the first few movies featured a lot teenagers rolling around Forks, WA in things like boots, jeans, and warm coats, which would be perfect for this time of year, and within a price-point that easy to work with.

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