The True Test for FriendFeed: Facebook Comments

Last month Facebook released the first version of mini-feed comments. I claimed that it was another step for Facebook toward FriendFeed functionality. Apparently not enough people were commenting though because Facebook has since made a slight change as MG Siegler pointed out yesterday. Rather than displaying a plus sign which potentially didn’t signify “comments” for some users, so Facebook has decided to go ahead and spell it out.

Ultimately this is an extremely small change but if Facebook users aren’t commenting on mini-feed stories, perhaps the concept of FriendFeed is just a bunch of Silicon Valley hype. Personally, I think it’s a little hype combined with great functionality. I think what Facebook is instead missing is comments from their main feed. Most users don’t spend a lot of time navigating their friends mini-feeds (as far as I know).

Conversely when a user first logs into Facebook the first thing they see is newsfeed items. Rather than going to a user’s profile and posting on their wall about a news story, it would be easier simply to comment directly from within a news item. Even with good design, it may be that users simply don’t want to comment on each others’ news stories. If that’s the case, FriendFeed is officially a bunch of hype and will remain limited to an extremely small group of users.

I don’t think that’s the case though. Do you think FriendFeed is more hype then actually being useful? Are you a regular FriendFeed user? Do you comment on peoples’ mini-feeds in Facebook?