The Social Web is One Big Joke

Literally. Today has been one joke after the other. All of Techmeme has been a joke and the worst part is that some of the news has actually been intertwined with fake news. Take a look at the image at the end of this post and note the two stories at the top of Techmeme. One is the story of Microsoft and Yahoo coming to an agreement on a slightly higher price, the next is the real story which is Microsoft stating that they won’t budge on their bid.

With all the fake news mixed in with real news it has been challenging to get any real stories out there. As such, today is the day that the media cries wolf! Let’s hope nothing big goes down today. In the meantime I figured that I would play along on AllFacebook and announce to the world my new advertising network that will soon be launching. While it’s not a real ad network, I do know people that are launching networks with an individual CPM in which we get paid for our digital footprint. They just haven’t launched yet.

Since all the social web is acting foolish today, I figured I’ll take the rest of the day to get some real work done 🙂 Enjoy the rest of April fools and don’t get Rick Rolled too many times. I somehow managed to Rick Roll myself, just don’t ask how (you can read about it on Twitter if you’d really like). If you find any good pranks across the web feel free to post them in the comments.

Top of Techmeme screenshot