The Power Of Positivity In Social Media

When it comes to social media, it pays to be positive. At the #140conf in Tel Aviv this week, Tal Yaniv of All of Me gave a positively positive talk about positivity and social networking. When you keep things positive on sites like Twitter and Facebook your friends, fans and customers get a positive impression of you, so throw out that negativity and start making people feel good with optimistic, constructive and smile-inducing content!

Think about the various pals and people that you follow on Twitter and are friends with on Facebook. I bet you can think of at least one person who is always posting fun links and positive status updates. How does seeing this friend’s posts make you feel? Now think about a person who is constantly updating their status with complaints about what is going wrong in their life. This probably doesn’t make you feel as good, right? Take a hint from your own feelings, and strive to make your friends and followers feel the love and happiness that your positive friends make you feel.
Tal Yaniv suggests entirely removing all allusions to negativity from your social network posts. Try to say what you want to say without using the word no or not, without the prefixes un- or non-, without any hint of negativity or pessimism. Not only will this keep your tweets and status updates on the positive side, but it will also shorten your tweets, making it easier to fit within the 140 character limit!
Yaniv also suggests thinking about the way you phrase what you want to say. He gave an example of a small child drinking a glass of juice on the carpet. If the child’s parent says, “Be careful! Don’t spill your juice on the carpet!” this only puts the idea of spilling juice in the child’s mind, making it more likely for the child to spill the juice. Now the child is only thinking of spilling. That is the wrong way to go. A much better way for the parent to phrase that sentence would be “Hold on to your juice!” or “Keep the carpet clean!” This puts the idea of a clean carpet and a safe, un-spilled cup of juice in the child’s head. When using your social networks, think about your phrasing and try to put only good and positive images in your readers’ minds.
When your fans and customers think about you and your brand you want them to have a smile on their face. So here is my challenge to you: For the next week, pay close attention to your tweets, posts and status updates and try to remove all negative connotation and context. Let us know how your friends and followers react to your new social media mentality and whether positivity pays off!