The Perils of Online Dating are Vastly Over Estimated

Whether you meet someone online or in "meatspace," there's very little chance that they're going to be honest about being a narcissistic sociopath in desperate need of psychiatric counseling.

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“The thing about online dating is you don’t want to get too personal too quickly. Like for example how I’m a textbook narcissist with unresolved intimacy issues or the fact that I have no sense of empathy.”

When ran a campaign saying that one-in-five relationships started online, people seemed shocked. However, research continues to indicate that more and more people are finding each other online. In fact, a study in a recent issue of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, indicates that more than one-third of marriages start online and these relationships tend to have a higher than average rate of satisfaction.

Yet for some reason, lots of people are still cagey about online dating, the perils of which are vastly over-estimated. Sure you might find yourself catfished or face-to-face with a “textbook narcissist with unresolved intimacy issues,” like the guy in the video but let’s face it, online dating is no more dangerous than a blind date or meeting someone in a bar.

We’re so focused on first impressions, we forget first impressions can hide a lot. How often have you met someone and they were completely honest about being a sociopath? In fact, making a first impression is all about accentuating the good and hiding the flaws. The reality is that no matter how you meet someone — online or in “meatspace” — getting to know someone takes time. Indeed, it could take months to discover the person you’re dating is in desperate need of psychiatric counseling.

Photo and video credit: The Onion

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