The Pea Council Weighs In On the Great Guac Furor

It's a win for the council, for the Times and for peas.

After a couple of days of online uproar over the New York Times’ suggestion that one put peas-PEAS-in guacamole, the USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council is weighing in, announcing that, yes, peas are a damn fine addition to the much-loved traditional guac recipe.

“We did see the recipe, of course, and we think it’s a terrific recipe!” the CEO of the group told The National Journal. He says they’re going to send the recipe to folks to whip up this weekend.

The rest of the article is a virtual advertorial for the virtues of peas and pea protein, showing just how important this recipe has been for the pea and its lobbying group.

But it’s also been a good thing for the Times. Even if most people were calling for the paper’s head, getting people to talk about anything with this much passion is a win. The paper acknowledged the hubbub in this clip.

But clearly, it’s the pea council that comes out on top here. Do a quick search and see just how many outlets made the pea guac to render their decision-To pea or not to pea? You get a few guacamole lovers out there to make peas their secret ingredient and that’s a huge boost.

cover image via Shutterstock