The Only Weather App Approved by Grumpy Cat

It’s literally raining cats and dogs over at Weather Kitty and Weather Puppy, and Grumpy Cat Approves. She gives the app a paw of endorsement.

This Weather Kitty app upgrades your weather notifications to the point of cute overload. The basic kitty app is free, but if you want Grumpy weather, you can upgrade with an in-app purchase. I know there’s a million weather apps floating around out there but for the furry friend fanatics, it doesn’t get better than this. If you get tired of the kittens and puppies, you can upload your own with the app upgrade. My only remaining wish? Kitty gifs.

For dog lovers, Weather Puppy provides the same, not so Grumpy outlook with an altruistic spin:

Weather Puppy, launched in October 2012, has a 5-star user rating in the Apple App Store and has partnered with 16 non-profit animal shelters around the world. Sales of its shelter-specific fund-raising themes are on pace to raise over $10,000 for charity in their first year.

Sorry Androids, these apps are only for iPhones, but you can sign up for email updates on for the Android release.