The One Factor That Separates Great Marketers From The Rest

While we’ve discussed numerous strategies for Facebook marketing over the past month, one thing has continuously stood out to me as the core difference between great marketers and the rest. Whether you’re looking for strategies to cut the cost of your advertising in half or increase your click through rates on ads, the brilliant marketers know how to do it and their secret really isn’t as surprising as you’d imagine.

The Mystery Of Success Revealed!

Any passionate entrepreneur understands the fire inside that’s ignited through competition. As we watch our competitors we are either struck with awe at their ability to execute or smile confidently as our competitors fall victim to what we believe is a weaker strategy. Whichever side you are on, there is always a strategy which differentiates the winners from the losers. While great entrepreneurs will publicly state that the competition helps build the market, when we return to the laboratory formally known as our company offices, the competitive fire helps fuel our ongoing pursuit of success.

However the competitive flame that burns within is not the sole differentiating factor between the successful entrepreneurs and the failed ones. In fact, that flame is consistent in both the great successes and the greatest failures. What differentiates great entrepreneurs (as well as marketers and anybody else in business) is what takes places when they return to their laboratories. Great entrepreneurs will mimic the great chessmasters of the world and plan our their strategy numerous moves in advance.

Even more importantly: they measure, document, and learn from their failures. If you are looking for great success stories, they are readily available, but so too are tremendous stories of failure and those who failed most and failed quickly are most often also the same people who have experienced the most spectacular successes.

Facebook Marketers As Scientists

While I love to write articles that offer strategies as bits of content candy, the reality is that no great marketing success or failure will take place by putting a few minutes of effort in or by making a single change. The reality is that the best Facebook marketers spend countless hours testing out various strategies, measuring performance, and making small changes over time. Whether it’s split testing ads, measuring landing page performance or simply researching the best ad titles, Facebook marketing mastery is something that takes time.

While I regularly post titles that suggest the revelation of an amazing secret, the reality is that a single secret is not all it takes to blast your Facebook ad performance through the roof. Instead, spend time documenting all the strategies that you implement which boost your advertising performance. While we’ll continue to share those strategies that we learn through testing, we hope to learn from you as well. Increasing performance takes a ton of time and dedication.

While coming up with the time to implement these techniques can be extremely challenging, every extra bit of effort you put into studying your performance will help you to boost the results in the long-term.

Master Facebook Marketing

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