The New AP Stylebook is Here

The 2012 edition of the AP Stylebook was released today, and it includes a new chapter on broadcast, and more entries for social media and fashion.

The social media chapter, which was added in 2010, now includes “direct message” and “modified tweet.”

There was a Twitter chat today (#APStyleChat for those who want to check it out) and a Google+ Hangout is taking place tomorrow. Besides putting the hoodie question to rest, some of the issues that came up during the chat today were: the correct spelling of Achilles’ heel (with the apostrophe); the proper use of “haute couture,” which is a designation by the French Ministry of Industry; and “pantsuit” as one word.

In February, the AP Stylebook told journalists not to use the term “Polish death camps” with reference to Nazi concentration camps in Poland during World War II. The White House had to apologize today for President Obama’s use of the term during the Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony yesterday. He used the term when presenting the accolade to Jan Karski, a member of the Polish Underground who, the President said, had been smuggled into one of these “death camps” and was among the first to tell the world about the Holocaust. Polish leaders were “outraged” by the use of the phrase as millions of Polish citizens died in these camps. But, President Bronislaw Komorowski did acknowledge that the error was most likely made by an Obama speechwriter. One who, unfortunately, had to write the speech before the updated Stuylebook was available.