The Necklace That Tweets Made

Don’t you just wish you could wear your tweets? Maybe you could get them printed on a t-shirt or #hashtag your hat! Been there, done that?

How about a “laser-cut, laser-etched acrylic necklace that displays your tweets as a data visualisation”? We bet you don’t have one of those! And now you can have one of your very own – but they’re not cheap.

The Data Necklace is the brainchild of “Stef Lewandowski, a designer, software developer and startup person – a hacker for short” and he lives and works in London.

The story of how this whole thing started is a bit long, so read the whole thing here – but to sum up: Combining computer science and “generative art” concepts, he set out to create something unusual and interesting using software – and the Data Necklace was born. Eventually.

But what the heck IS it? It doesn’t look like tweets, right? Here’s what you would see up close:

The progression of time is represented by twelve pairs of beads, each representing up to a month of data. One of each pair is cut to represent the statistics through its length, notches cut into its sides, and overlaid smaller lengths to illustrate “love/awesome/amazing”. A second in the pair holds a tiny reminder of that time – one of the most interesting tweets containing the keyword.

These individual tweets are laser-etched into the acrylic, and in the opaque materials (there are semi-transparent options available) are only visible by the wearer when they are lifted up by hand.

Almost like a series of tiny lockets, they can serve as a reminder to the wearer of how awesome the last year has been.

Well then! Sounds pretty awesome, does it not? You know you want one for the special rapid-fire tweeter in your life.

Prices range from £220 – 320 and limited supplies are promised for December 25 delivery.

Will you be ordering one?

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