The ‘Man on the Moon’ is Still Alive, According to ‘His Daughter’

Used (to prove my point) from “Lost in the Funhouse: The Life and Mind of Andy Kaufman”

Hollywood truly is “Hollyweird.” So, if you’re a publicist, fasten your seat belts for this outer atmosphere story. In case you didn’t get the 70s, 80s…hell, even the 90s reference, the “Man on the Moon” refers to the 1999 biopic about the offbeat, kooky and late Andy Kaufman.

The guy was a certified nut. We’re talking suit him for a padded room, nut. Nonetheless, thanks to his erratic schtick on ‘Saturday Night Live’ in the 70s and more famously, his “acting” on the  legendary TV sitcom “Taxi” (TRIVIA: The great Bob James wrote the iconic intro song to that show called “Angela,” jazz lovers.) Even pro wrestling fans know this guy when Jerry Lawler put his stamp on Kaufman’s career by giving him a “piledriver,” landing Andy flat on his noggin and sent his odd duck tail straight to the ER.

So, he died in 1984 of lung cancer. Another SNL guy bites the dust too soon. That is, until this report from FOX News came out today creating “WTF” thought bubbles among the many who loved that show.

During this week’s annual Andy Kaufman Awards, a woman, who identified herself as the actor’s daughter, said he is still alive, leading conspiracy theorists into a frenzy. The woman spoke on stage alongside Kaufman’s brother, Michael, at the event held at a comedy club in New York City. She insisted that Kaufman was alive and that he planned on revealing himself at the event but backed out at the last minute.

Death conspiracies have long been the stuff of lore. There’s Tupac, Jim Morrison and the man always found in truck stops, Elvis. Jesse James and even Hitler has a group of believers. However, Kaufman is among the lesser-knowns “dead-on-this-day-but-not-really-dead” celebs.

Well, until now. Welcome back, Latka.