The Making of an eBook Part 6: A Homework Assignment

Instead of my usual installment about where my upcoming collection of stories, Cradle Book, is on its way to becoming an eBook, I’m going to give us both a homework assignment: read this book: Kindle Formatting: The Complete Guide to Formatting Books for the Amazon Kindle by Joshua Tallent. As we reported earlier, Tallent is the CEO of eBook Architects and someone who’s been at this for a while.

BOA’s desinger Bill Jones said earlier that “there are no clear instructions about how to do anything.” Turns out there are a few books about how to format eBooks available on Kindle. Most of them are self-published, and this one’s got a good reputation.

I don’t pretend to be any kind of expert on how an eBook is built–I’m learning about it as I go in this series, which is why the posts are sometimes out of order and why something I could have used earlier–like this book–comes along now. But I’m going to flip (or click) through it this weekend and I’ll get back to you next week about what I learn. Onward and awkward!