The Making of An eBook: Part 3

Quite frankly, I did’t get much done this week. All the iPad business kept me from thinking too much about the fate of my own book when it comes to digital. But I want to check in nonetheless, and let you know a few of the things I’m thinking about for upcoming weeks.

First, I should tell you that paper galleys of Cradle Book have just come in, so the most visible part of the pre-pub cycle is about to begin. Copies will go out to reviewers, and hopefully there will be a few reviews. I’ll also be planning a little book tour. While all this is going on, I’ve got to finish my eBook homework and make sure my eBook is good and ready for the book’s June 1 pub date.

So next week I’ll press on and look into some other ways one can create an eBook. One ancilary question I do want to look into is how to create eBooks of liniated poetry, which is most of what BOA, my publisher, specializes in (though my book is old-fashioned prose). My editor told me he didn’t know of a way to do liniated poetry such that the integrity of the line breaks was maintained in the digital version, but I know that, for instance, Yale University Press has published eBooks of its recent Younger Poetry Prize winners on Kinle, and Penguin has lots of its poetry up there too, and you can resize the text and still keep the line breaks. So I’m going to make some calls…