The Huffington Post Targets Big Three Automakers

A warning to the Big Three automakers: The Huffington Post is coming for you. HuffPost tapped Detroit-based Focus Media Marketing to represent it in direct ad-sales efforts aimed at Chrysler, General Motors, and Ford.

HuffPost president and chief revenue officer Greg Coleman said:

Given the size and importance of the Big Three domestic carmakers, hiring a designated rep to work with them is a milestone for HuffPost in our continued national sales expansion. HuffPost’s audience of influencers is a key demographic for Detroit, and bringing on Focus Media is a natural step for the site as it continues to leverage the marketplace created by the success of The Huffington Post brand.

Focus Media Marketing president Ken Stubblefield added:

The Huffington Post offers our clients a unique opportunity to connect with one of the largest, affluent, engaged, and influential audiences on the Web.