The Gutenberg Project: A Mixology App & Home Bar for Book Lovers

France’s popular purveyor of spirits is bringing its cocktail wisdoms to the masses via a new iPad app and spirits boxed as books. The title, The Gutenberg Project , refers to the container books’ ability to hold and provide mixology knowledge, but will most likely replace real, paper books.


Conceived and developed by the Breakthrough Innovation Group (BIG), a Group-integrated start-up devoted to ground-breaking innovation, Project Gutenberg is revolutionising the “bar at home” concept. It will make way for a designer library, made up of “container books” each holding a sealed bottle of spirits, all connected to a service platform: from basic home delivery, automatically triggered according to the container level, to a whole range of tutorials about mixology (cocktail recipes, personalised offers, etc.) Project Gutenberg is redefining cocktail culture and turning it into a more accessible experience involving more expertise. Creating and inventing cocktails for friends becomes more intuitive and more entertaining.

Home mixology is a booming trend, and up to now, we’ve seen home brewing systems, home fermentation systems, and now, this home bar practically makes the drinks for you. One disadvantage to the system, however, is the generic look of the alcohol itself. One of the joys of purchasing spirits comes from selecting and procuring one’s favorite or favorites – if Gutenberg allows users to re-fill the books with personal alcohol, it might be worth the boozy fun.