The Game Atelier brings Crazy Market to iOS for free

Image via The Game Atelier

SunFlowers developer The Game Atelier has released its latest game on iOS devices: Crazy Market. The free-to-play game sees players heading behind the cash register of the busiest supermarket in town, challenged with completing over 100 levels as they work to help customers check out as fast as possible.

Crazy Market sees items moving along the conveyor belt at the top of the screen, and asks players to drag those items across the scanner before putting them back on the belt to be collected by the customer. The belt speeds up over time, making items move faster, but randomly appearing mystery boxes may contain items that can slow it down.

As the game becomes more complicated, customers will begin to leave their personal belongings on the belt, and these must be delivered to the customer before moving on. All the while, scanned items will produce coins that will bounce around the screen, and can be tapped on for extra points.

Image via The Game Atelier

At the end of each stage, players are given a score and one of three stars depending on how much money they earned for the supermarket. Their own coins can be spent on power-ups and supermarket upgrades, like one that permanently doubles the value of every coin collected during the game. Another will allow the player to manually slow down the conveyor belt for 10 seconds during a particularly hectic moment.

Crazy Market is now available to download for free on iOS devices, as well as PS Vita. Check back soon to track the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers. Watch the trailer for Crazy Market below.