The Future: Digital Tattoos That Deliver Medication and Tweets

unnamedBeing uncomfortable in the skin you’re in may have a new meaning in the near future. That’s when digital, electronic skin tattoos will wrangle your body’s data while delivering a dose of useful medicine. It will also be able to tweet all of these details, but hopefully, it actually won’t.

There have been a lot of work in the field of wearable electronics, specifically thin membranes that essentially act as temporary tattoos. The trouble with them, however, is their inability to function for long periods of time without being permanently affixed to a power source. If this is resolved, then wearable devices can be used in all sorts of medical and recreational uses. 

The latest work to address this technology comes from Korea’s Center for Nanoparticle Research: multifunctional wearable devices for diagnosis and therapy of movement disorders. The paper focuses on looking at “systems that monitor muscle activity, store data and deliver feedback therapy are the next frontier in personalized medicine and healthcare that are made of “physiological sensors, non-volatile memory and drug-release actuators” all while taking advantage of nanoparticles that stores data while using less power.

Its best function would be a health device, but we all know that it will get even more commercial success if it can tweet or detect our lies. 


Via Motherboard