The Fox Nation Lifts

B&C’s Alex Weprin adds up the Webstats and finds has reached heights it’s never seen – even topping two other leading news sites last month. drew 669.5 million page views in April, compared to 382 million a year ago. By comparison, drew 655.7 million page views and Yahoo! News had 613.5 million in the same period, both down slightly from last year.

The traffic growth is due in large part to the launch of The Fox Nation on March 30. While it has its own URL, the social networking site is included as part of’s overall Web traffic numbers.

MediaWeek adds

On a macro basis, still trails the category’s top players by a wide margin, as MSNBC’s, Yahoo’s and CNN’s total audiences each regularly approach the 40 million unique level when all of their sub-domains are included.

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