The Facebook Phishing Scams Continue, Day 2

Yesterday a new wave of phishing scams spread throughout Facebook and today, those scams continue to spread. So far today I’ve received at least two separate scam emails. The first which was sent out was at 7:00 am this morning but by the time I checked it out, the site had already been blocked. Then a few minutes ago I received an email suggesting that I visit which has still not been shut down.

The latest wave of phishing scams has been exploiting Facebook users by attempting to convince them to log in to sites that resemble Facebook. The difference between these ones and before is that the URLs of the sites don’t even look like Facebook. While it’s not one hundred percent that the sites are run by the same people as yesterday’s scams, it’s pretty likely.

What these phishers are attempting to accomplish is currently unknown but it’s clearly affecting a lot of users considering that I’ve received at least two messages so far today. Facebook has become increasingly effective at squashing these scams quickly but most likely thousands of people are affected before Facebook has a chance to stop them. This is so far one of the most widespread phishing attempts that I’ve seen and Facebook is pursuing the scammers aggressively.

Social phishing scams have become commonplace as people tend to trust users received from their friends. Over the coming days I would expect Facebook to step up measures to stop these scams as it is clearly a burden to the users. Have you seen any more scam URLs in your inbox today?