The Facebook Newsfeed Breaks

It appears as though Facebook is having some problems with handling their newsfeed. It appears that nobody’s newsfeed has been updated since yesterday. Jeremy Wagstaff first reported the failur on his blog. For those that are addicted to their newsfeed, there is no news for you today unfortunately! Is this a sign that Facebook is already making changes to the mini-feed filtering that we reported about last night?

Probably not, but if so that would be an insanely quick turnaround. I’m not sure the last time that my Facebook newsfeed wasn’t working but then again, checking out my newsfeed may have become so ingrained in my daily life that I stopped paying attention to it. Whatever the case, the newsfeed is not updating and users around the globe are going crazy! To the people that noticed their newsfeed not working, I have a solution: take a short break from Facebook!

The newsfeed has become the central feature for Facebook, informing users of what’s going on in their entire social graph. For Facebook’s core feature to go down is substantial. The pages appear to be cached though so I am confident that Facebook is working hard to resolve the issue. When did Facebook’s newsfeed become a valuable part of your daily content consumption? Do you read more Facebook newsfeed or traditional news sources?