The Difference Between Developers And Developers

Last week we formally announced our upcoming Social Developer Summit in San Francisco, however some people are still confused about the event. This post offers some clarifications. In the social web economy, many use the term “developers” when describing organizations that build applications on top of platforms. While it’s not inaccurate to use this term, it has unfortunately replaced the true “developer” term which is a reference to software engineers.

Why We Are Hosting The Social Developer Summit

After attending numerous conferences in the “social web” space (including hosting one of our own), we recognized a void in the market for those who are actually responsible for programming applications to get together and share lessons learned. While the marketing, operations, product managers, and sales executives of such companies are equally responsible for the success of the organization, the companies would not be anywhere without the engineers and programmers who are responsible for building the applications.

There are events that target the actual developers, however most of those events are hosted by the companies who run various platforms (Facebook, Apple, Google, Paypal, etc). The closest thing we’ve seen to such an event is the Game Developers Conference which includes (among many other things), a track for actual programmers.

The bottom line is this: Social Developer Summit is an opportunity to get those programmers and engineers who are working on building social applications together to learn from each other. While high-level talks about the future of the social web economy have their place, Social Developer Summit is not one of them.

Why You Should Attend Social Developer Summit

Hopefully this post has effectively explained how Social Developer Summit differentiates itself from other social media events. As Steve Ballmer says, it’s all about “Developers, Developers, Developers!” If you are a programmer or an engineer, or are interested in finding out what challenges developers are currently facing, this is a great event to be at.

If you or your company would like to speak or sponsor, please feel free to reach out by emailing contact [at] socialtimes [d0t] com.