The Best of Twitter On One Page

favrdIf if you followed 1.7 million Twitter users, you wouldn’t really have much time left to do anything else. Not to mention, even the best Twitter users have an off day. What if you could follow the best of Twitter in one location?

FAVRD is a site that lists people’s most favored tweets and displays them in real-time. You can visit a single locations and read what’s making waves in the Twitosphere.

This feature gives even small-time Twitter users the ability to set themselves apart from the pack. It also makes readers’ lives easier by putting the ‘cream of the crop’ on display on page.

According to FAVRD:

“FAVRD runs on a no-webcock algorithm. If you see Twitter as a venue for public relations or marketing, or as an audience eager to hear news of a post on your ‘blog’, or a rich hot sticky vertical, or if you consider yourself a web strategist, or if you talk earnestly about social media, or if you can read Techcrunch or listen to the Gillmor gang with a straight face, it’s very unlikely the things you say on Twitter will show up here. If however you think of Twitter as a place to amuse, inspire and entertain, then good on you. Keep it up. We all thank you for it.”

There are some great nuggets on the site. For example EffingBoring from Brooklyn, NY says:

“1st day of new job: Boss gave me a hug when I got in. Hoping for a nap and juice box after lunch.”

FarkerPeaceboy from the Left Edge of the U.S. says:

“Life can be cruelly ironic. Turns out both Kris and Kross are now tow-truck drivers, offering stranded motorists a jump.”

If you’re looking for a quick laugh or some inspiration, check out FAVRD.