The Atlantic Debuts Short Stories on Kindle


Kindle Ain’t just eBooks–it’s eShortStories, too. The Atlantic magazine and Amazon have a partnership going through which The Atlantic will publish two new stories at the beginning of each month exclusively on the Kindle. So far, the partnership has resulted in the publication of six stories, each of which costs $3.99.

This month’s stories are by Paul Theroux and Patricia Engel. Here’s what The Atlantic has to say about them:

Theroux’s “Siamese Nights” follows Boyd Osier, an American businessman who has been posted to Bangkok, leaving his wife in Maine to fend for herself between his visits home. Osier never imagined he would find, in a Bangkok bar, a lover unlike anyone he had ever known, and the most unexpected person to teach him, profoundly, that life is too short. As he discovers his true self among the smothering heat and shadowy nightlife of Thailand, Osier also learns just how dangerous love can be…

Engel’s “The Bridge” is the story of Carlito and Reina, a brother and sister from Miami. When he was a boy, Carlito was thrown from a bridge by his distraught father. Saved by a fisherman, Carlito was treated with special care throughout his life: no one bothered him about school, about his manners, about beating up his sister. Years later, when he found out his girlfriend was unfaithful, Carlito threw her baby off a bridge. Murder is Carlito’s inheritance, people say, and he is paying the price, languishing on death row at Florida’s South Glades Penitentiary. Only his sister, Reina, refuses to abandon him, visiting him every weekend to preserve his humanity, and to drive away her own terrible secret. “The Bridge” combines the lyricism of a Gabriel Garcia Marquez with the stripped-down realism of a Raymond Carver to produce a story that will sadden readers’ hearts while expanding their souls.

If you were worried your Kindle wasn’t expanding your soul enough, fear not!